30 Letters in 30 Days: day three

day three: The ‘rents (dunt dunt dunnnnn…)

WOW… this is gonna be difficult.

Mom & Dad,

This one will be a private one. To many emotions to share. Just yet.


Lunch and Mincemeat

My mom eats with Chandler 3 days a week, this was initiated to make sure he ate… because he would not. Now it is more a time of 1st grade conversations. Today she came home to inform me that something interesting had been discussed. Dads.

The discussion began over the annoyance of a certain boy that “always” gets into trouble, bugs Chandler and everyone else and seems to be the topic of gripping. We will call him Seth*. His mom is a single parent (as am I) older and seems to have her hands full with this one. The kids at the lunch table were mentioning to all there that they had just kinda had it with his behavior and sick of being part of his troublemaking. Then it was said by Cliff* that “it is because Seth has not dad.”

Hmmm… and Hmmmmer…

They all agreed this was the case and reasoning behind Seth’s antics.


Cliff: “Well, Chandler doesnt have a dad”

Chandler: “Well, all weekend my mom had some guy over and he was nice and he played with me and my brother the whole time and he was kinda like a dad, and they are going to get married.”


Nan (my mom): “Chandler that was your daddy, you do have a dad. You know him, he plays all the time. But he and your mom are not going to get married im sorry sweetheart.”

Chandler: “oh, thery’re not?”

Nan: “No honey.”

What do I do with this. My heart feels like mincemeat – and not the good pie kind. The 3 day old school cafeteria kind.

Junior Jet Setters

I remember when I was a kid parents would send there children on flights alone. The flight attendant would check on them periodically, they would get escorted on and off the flight and someone with a rather large sign would be waiting when they got off. I never flew this way, thought about it when trouble came around and I was the cause (well fine I will just run away). It was a simple less fearful way to think then. (circa 90’s)

I don’t hear or see that much. Parents letting their children fly alone, I mean teenagers maybe but not kids like when I was a kid. Why? Did we becoming a fearing world after some incidents, do we fear humanity, or in general are we more cautious??

Fear of Blogging

All you bloggers out there I ask how did you get over the fear of writing what is really on your mind/heart?

I mean my parents read this (I hope) and I wonder what they would think about what I am writing/thinking. So do you just throw caution to the wind and go for it or sutley ease into the truth or forget it and lie? What are your experiences with them all. I think a lot of things that I don’t write for fear of rejection, persecution and other -tions that shall remain nameless for fear of well, those. Do you do the same things? How did you  overcome?