I know I was going to follow up on the last post today, BUT…

I must comment on the David Crowder Band concert that I attended tonight.


It was the most awesome time of worship I have ever had the¬†blessing to be a part of. In Tulsa, OK at Cain’s Ballroom, a small historic building. The music sunk into my heart, the bass shook my soul and the time spent with arms raised and voices lifted to Christ was the most wonderful experience I can not even begin to describe with Justice it is due. 300+ people one their feet praising, to music that lighted the fire and passion for the voice to sing out love and hands to reach out for God.

If you have not heard Myriad and Phil Wickham I highly recommend checking them out as they were a part of the magic last night!

If you were there or have been to another of his events please share your thoughts!