Just Get Done

I have heard this over and over from everyone in regards to finishing school. I have heard this so many times that it has become my motto. “Just Get Done.” Now my family and friends mean well and think of these words as encouragement, and honestly until this evening I did too. Then, God spoke (he has been very quiet the last couple of days) “Why are you settling for just getting done when there is so much more”But isn’t that what we as Christians do every day. We just what to get “done” with church so we can go eat, with serving so we can get back to what we want to be doing, with playing the part of Christ so we can get back to life. We settle for “Just get Done” and miss out on the journey and the relationship that comes from embracing God.As for “just get done” Christianity, I have not read the word in months, and when I do I look at the clock the whole time. Praising God when the 10 minutes are up so I can check my email and see what and who is on Facebook. We live in a “Just Get done” world. We settle. We do not engage with those around us and we blame the world being too fast for us to stop and breathe the life in that we are given. We take more than we give all in the name of just wanting to get done.  In my “just get done” phase I have skipped class, missed assignments, not listened to lectures, never talked to the person sitting next to me, drowned out the comments, and looked past everything that has been said in the last 2 semesters, all in the name of “just get done” If someone gave me a test to see what I learned so far I would fail, badly. I know nothing,  nothing except I am graduating this fall.  I have been trying to “just get done” with school for 8 years now. Maybe my problem is just that.