Everything She has

8:34am Wake up to the boys watching tv and arguing about LEGOs or iPhone time, go downstairs to make breakfast let the dog out and feed the cat.

9:12am Hit the showers, primp & curl, get the boys dressed in something other than a pj shirt camo shorts and slippers, let the dog out.

10:02am Coffee time (not starbucks) need to load up on the java to get through playtime and lunch.

10:47am Let the dog out, bring out the LEGOs, the cars, the tracks to race the cars, the crayons, the markers, the construction paper – bring on the creative play.

11:54am “What do you want for lunch kiddos”

12:09pm The most perfect homemade mac-n-cheese hits the table with fresh melon medley and ice water, let the dog out.

12:39pm Lunch over, “clean up clean up everybody everywhere…”

1:07pm Run errands, movie, outside, computer games, Wii, draw, friends…. something.

4:47pm “Mom, Whats for dinner?” Hmmm to cook or not cook? Take-out? Nope, save money. Grilled chicken with fresh organic seasoned green beans and homemade mash potatoes.

5:51pm Great conversation about school and friends, funny stories and laughing, I love the dinner table.

5:59pm “Clean up…” you know the drill. Oh, yeah let the dog out.

6:11pm Rainbow Serbert (organic of course) maybe some tv

7:30pm Bath, books and bedtime. We love to read Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak & A Bad Case of the Stripes by David Shannon

8:30pm Squenches and sleep.

9:01pm Me time, reading, bath, tv, awwwww. Let the dog out. Reflect on how very blessed I am. How much I love my babies. How much God gives me, takes care of every single need.



and now for something brand new!

This week I will be discussing (that means silent readers, I want to hear from you) what The Word is bringing into my life and hear from you what it is doing in yours. I will be linking from YouVersion so you can get in on this super exciting site that allows you to share your study and read what others are saying about the verses you are reading. I can’t wait to see what God does this week!!