Left Thoughts

Self, yes me I’m talking to you
Im stuck in the mud and can’t seem to break free
This mud sucks (thats a pun, you see)
I ache for one thing
Its simple and free
You know the kind
Everyone seems to have it
It sparkles, “bling”
The love she wears on her left sleeve.
I thought I had it once
But nope I was wrong
He left me alone, well
not really, two boys tagged along.
I am simple
a home, dinner table conversations
a couple of spoons.
I dont mind cooking, I already got the mixer
I like to clean its kinda my liquor.
I have prayed and prayed but God has not offered
I still believe though
In His love and life.
I just would like to be a wife.

The Hunger

As I met with a very wise and warmly sweet woman this morning discussing the lack of something in my life, something to which I had felt before and possibly ignored. The squeezing of everything fake and false in my life to create and new and beautiful space for the hunger to fill. The hunger for community. Real,  authentic and beautiful community. A place that is as warm and supportive as the arms of the Father. I mean isn’t that what we are supposed to do as Christians. Be the body. Be the embrace and feet that go and take care of those who are hurting who are longing for something more than this world can give them.I hunger for that. I hunger to be that. I yearn for the closeness that it can bring when it is in fact, transparent and true. I have seen this, heard of this, desired it from afar but never have I truly been apart of something that is so real that nothing else but Christ matters.I am seeking Him.