ME and the things that make me super.

Why I love me:

i love period films like The Duchess, Pride & Prejudice, Becoming Jane, Vanity Fair

i love goofy things such as silly string fights, swimming with my clothes on, baking all day just to take a cake to the neighbors

I live life freely, embracing the small things that embrace me

my boys saved my life

i know that tomorrow is not promised and the gift of each breath is a blessing

i believe in true love

“i believe i have done some things in life too early and others too late”

i would rather spend an afternoon floating in the pool because the water is so clear that you can see for miles, than cleaning

I love curling up with a book, my puppy in a large comfy chair

sometimes there is no redo, it is just ruined

i ache for a husband – but i love that achy feeling because that means i did not settle for less than Gods best

I have the coolest friends

i could out organize Jeff Lewis (Flipping Out, Bravo)

i want to learn (better) french, farsi, hindi and russian

i hold onto memories like some hold onto pennies

“one day” is closer and closer everyday

i dont like fig newtons – they are weird, matter of fact so are raisins

i hate touching meat, but i love eating it

seafood smells gross – i wont eat it. ever.

i will get to the Eiffel tower one day, then i will spend the entire day laying beneath it and absorbing its greatness

I have more passion for life, people and the world around me than I think anyone really cares to see.

red fingernails & peep toe heels

nothing is more me than painted finger nails

with a red that mirrors the beat of my heart –

you know that one you ignore.

I paint my figernails red, like wearing my heart on

my sleeve, but those red fingernails, the ones you held on to and let caress you…

wont be caressing you anymore.

and those peep toe heels, well

those are for me. becuase with them on,

I will walk away with more style and class than you were ever able to pass.

red fingernails and peep toe heels.

chasing ‘love’ & finding ‘hurts’

This is how this convo went…

So I have been texting this person, we will call him George… for a couple of days. Very kind, talkative, nice looking, cares for the environment, has a job, even asked me to lunch today. So why is it so hard for me to move past my past and accept that a nice person could be nice to me?
BTW, My friend in this conversation via Twitter is a good friend from long long ago when high school was my biggest concern.
If you read my thoughts ever you know of the crazy ex that haunts my life with his buster nonsensical actions and verbal mutilations, no matter how hard I try I allow him to suck me back in with his harsh phrases and BS criticisms. Why you ask… because it is easier to go into a battle you have already fought, prepared for the wounds and ready for defense then enter into an alliance not knowing the outcome. So minus the military talk and verbage, Ray (the ex) I know, I know what to say to make him mad, to appease him, to get him to agree or get him to leave. I know how to fight when he hurts or when he acts like a moron with the kids. But George… is he ready to wear or do I need to alter him, is he what my list is or do I need to accept him?
Oh yeah, PS… I have never been on a date. NOPE NOT ONE. I have “talked” with guys, met guys, hung out with guys, but never been on a date. So I have no clue how to act, does he pay, what are my obligations, requirements, justification,…
All this makes me think, is it easier to stay in the war being fought or step out and make a new treaty? (ya’ll know I like history)
NIVEA just released the video for “Love Hurts” which I have been listening to for some time and LOVE IT like coffee in the morning! The video is even better, it reminds me of my relationships so I am including it in this post for your viewing pleasure!