did you know… i bet not.

Here are some things people need to know about me:

1. i seriously do break out into very random songs at most random times. ex: “who are the people in your neighborhood?” while at the ob/gyn. (whistled while getting a pap)

2. i would rather have diet coke than any other beverage – even alcoholic ones.

3. i watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S daily. (i own the dvds, and i have tivo)

4. i love driving – windows down, music up. even in the winter.

5. i wear flip flops year ’round.

6. i only do laundry once a week…. i have enough clothes.

7. i daydream. a lot.

8. i have to shave my legs daily, otherwise i just dont feel right.

9. i am a huge germaphob, contagious disease-a-phob, and weird body-blemishes-a-phob.

10. i dont go a day without music.

11. i am most picky about my handbags and shoes.

12. i think my hair, my eyes and my lips are my best physical features.

13. i take pictures with film – anyone can shoot digital. (well almost)

14. i think UGGS are slippers. (i dont wear them)

15. i can not live happily without my iPhone. (on my 5th)

16. i have some of the most wild, eclectic, wacky, smart, fascinating friends in the world.

17. i let my dog sleep on my bed – if you have a problem with that you gets no love.

18. i sometimes iron my sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers.

19. i love cooking from scratch. seriously.

20. i love mix-matched lamps.

21. toothpaste with peroxide makes my tongue feel furry.

22. i love tivo.

23. i love listening to old Billie Holiday records when it rains – on my vintage record player.

24. my bed is my safe place – its like a cloud.

25. my celebrity dinner quest list:

a. David Crowder

b. Nivea Hamilton

c. David Schwimmer

d. Abel Tesfaye

e. Carlos Whittaker

f. Dwayne Carter

g. Shahrukh Khan

we would eat at ihop.