the last couple of days have felt much like i’m in a prison; not a “i snapped and ran over a school bus” prison. no, more like Martha Stewart kind of prison. i have food, shelter and healthcare, but, it’s also bat shit crazy.

i wonder if I will ever make it out if the “Labyrinth”.

something is missing. well, many things; i hope to one day find them.

Wednesday in THE WORD

So this week I have been thinking about what to write and hoping that it is something amazing and inspiring, wanting to spark an thought and provoke a light you all.


God spoke and I realized that all that was is me wanting to shine not allowing God to shine though me and allow Him the Glory for my words. So here is what God is saying to me in the last couple of days.

You are missing out on me and I am missing out on you. You are messing up, and that’s ok because I still love you more than life itself. But I need you to get with it and start being a contributor to life. Stop waiting on life to find you and stand and take care of yourself because I need you to Love me.

I will seek Him