I have been absent from this site from some time partly because I hated the world and all who live in it, and partly because my worldly  hatred caused me to write things that only Debbie Downer would enjoy.  Not saying that all that has changed, but I now only have a small hatred for the world and some of its inhabitants, but I have gained a much bigger love for where I am being asked to grow. (you know, bloom where planted)

Here’s where I, we, us are:

We are living at my parents as the University was not too pleased at me living under the radar in student housing considering I graduated in December, so we vacated our grand apartment and moved into a 2 story brick with a pool. I admit, at first I was so bitter that lemons and limes looked like gumdrops. Now I have let go a little and realized that we are here for a reason, I hate not being able to do my own thing and wander like I want, eat after 10pm and sit with my doggie watching House Hunters INternational. BUT… I have lost 10 lbs, go to bed at 10pm instead of 4am and the pool is nice.

On the job front, I have applied everywhere from Target to The Richards Group and not had much luck (although I did meet with The Richards Group and loved it, although they did not love me as much as I did them). I want to work like nobodies bidness and think I am a catch in the work world, plus, that whole degree thing I now have. (ta daaaaa) I have passion and heart and grace and humbleness so I know it is just around the corner.

Dating. Hmmm, well that is a void, but I have hopes that a perfect man is being molded just for me. I have placed an order, but it seems to be taking longer than anticipated. I’ll wait.

So… there’s your update on us, me, I.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed getting here.

Friday Fill-In

  • Starting the Special K Challenge (goodbye stronghold)
  • Gearing up for Christmas
  • Planning out activities (kids are not in school)
  • Committing to exercise 30 minutes a day
  • Excited to see what God does this weekend at
  • Started writing a book (more info next week)
  • Finishing up my paper on Marathon Dances of the 20’s
  • Would love to pray for you…just say the word!


IT’s MONDAY & boys and girls that means…

Time for an update:)

God is doing some great things here at the home-front, the boys are settling in and I am trying to remain uncomfortable (comfort brings change) Craig talked this weekend about The Wonderful Counselor,how we can go to him with honest interpretation and still be comforted and loved, for free I might add. Which is good because we all need to talk sometimes.

I am going to start working out today and for the next however long it might take. I will post updates.

♥ Please tell me how I can pray for you and what is going on in your world…SHARE!! ♥