which way

my creativity lately has been dead. i have no idea what i am doing, or in which direction i want to go.

if you have seen Labyrinth (1986 The Jim Henson Company) you may relate to me telling you i feel like Sarah when she first enters the labyrinth. i do not know which direction will result in freedom and either direction looks the same and unending. yes, this is depressing. no, i am no depressed. i am frustrated, because i know there is a secret exit somewhere guarded by a little worm who would rather help me forget my goal than help me attain it.

i have nothing clever to end with. i wish i did.

feel free to share.



This week has been a whirlwind, a ever racing flood of chaos, projects, missed assignments and forgotten meetings. To say the least I have been one step behind all week. With the boys it seems like they have been over-active, argumentitive, and frustrating. 

I say all this to bring you to where I am trying to be. In the arms of the one who never lets me go, is constantly holding me through it all.

I have forgotten to worship!

I forgotten to lose myself within His breath.

My favorite way to worship is to drive. Drive out in the middle of everything, the fresh air, the smell of grass and leaves, the roads where no one drives. I roll down all the windows, put on David Crowder, Shane & Shane, and other favs. Turn up the volume as loud as I can and just exhale. The pure joy of hearing the words, the music and feeling the air between my hair brings me to a place so warm and whole that I get lost in time and space. I feel Christ with me and hear him leading me. I worship

How do you worship? Not meaning sitting in a church, or singing along with the choir but within day to day life? How you worship outside the walls of church?